Monday, February 27, 2012

Redneck coke can cooker

These redneck coke can cookers can be made with simple scissors, a stappler,and some cotton string. Four burners is more than hot enough to boil water in an hour (hey, it aint a coleman)

Cut the end off, slit it down the sides, and fold over the excess. This is important, you want a lot of metal behind the piece behind the wicks. This keeps the kerosene from getting too hot (trust me, you dont want that).

Stapple the wicks in. Use aluminum from another can to make the damper bands. Thats just a piece that raps around the wick tight enough to stay up, but not so tight it doesnt move easily. Slide it closer to, the flame until it stops smoking.
A coffee can makes an excelent stand for pots.

Remember the obvious. Fire burns down houses, redneck cookers are way more dangerous, but if you are careful and desperate, they will work just fine... but check your fire extinguisher first!!!!

A better solution to emergency cooking is those little cooker cans, or a cheap oil lamp ($10 at walmart) an ideal place to cook is inside the stove under its builtin racks (always have a window open!!!)

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