Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trump is a live grenade in the hands of a battered wife.

Trump is a live grenade in the hands of a battered wife. Nobody believes it's the right tool for the job, but the police (tea party, occupy wall street) did nothing to stop the abuse that escalates every year, and she and the country are desperate for any kind of relief.

The left tried reasoning with their political class through occupy and black lives, the right with the tea party, only to see the political class of both parties double down on their abuse and misuse of the country.

Ted Cruise, Rand Paul, and Sanders are like good divorce lawyers and marriage counselors that we all know the abusive husband won't listen to or pay for. (Ask Cuccinelli about how the party can tank a Cruise or a Paul or a Sanders, something that can't be done with a Trump grenade)

Reasoning is out.

All that's left is the grenade.

It's not the right tool for the job, we all know the mess will be horrendous, but for the sake of the kids playing outside, it might be time to pull the pin and have an end to the endless abuse.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Headline "GLOBAL WARMING LA Methane Leak Spews 1,200 Tons of Gas Daily"

Ironically, PATRICK J. KIGER, who wrote the story for Discovery, may have just scientifically proven that their is no such thing as a greenhouse gas and not even know it.

Taking a step back, according to greenhouse gas theory, methane is 1,000 times more powerful than CO2. This has complete scientific consensus and is the basis for 100% of all computer models.

And until last month, there had been no way to prove it one way or the other. The only proof that greenhouse gasses even existed at all has always resided inside computer models.

Question: what is the difference between a science fiction author and a theoretical physicist? They both write fiction, but only the author knows it is fiction (they both have about an equal chance of being disproven).

Scientifically speaking, you can NOT prove a theory, but you can disprove one through experimentation, and every time you disprove a theory, science moves one step forward.

Now, nobody in their right mind would pump 1,200 tons of methane (1,000 times more greenhousy than CO2) into the air as an experiment. But that's exactly what happened by accident. And the thousands of people evacuated are proof of the gas clinging to and saturating the ground. This is the greenhouse gas equivalent of an urban island effect... but instead of increasing temperatures by double digits as every computer model mandates, we have zero.

A town has been saturated with methane that is "1,000 times" worse than CO2, the escaping gas is even at a temperature well over 100 degrees F, and even STILL, ZERO measurable greenhouse effect due to the 'heat trapping' effect of 1,200 daily tons of a gas "1,000 times" more powerful than CO2 being pumped into the air.

Case closed.

Methane has just been proven, scientifically, to NOT be a greenhouse gas, and by extension, CO2 is now on life support too. 

Let me state this another way, if a scientist wanted to prove that methane was a greenhouse gas, they would release 1,200 tons of it (cooled to room temperature, unlike the heated accident) a day into an area, closely monitor the concentrations and watch the temperature "runaway" with the greenhouse effect. The absence of this, is proof that methane is NOT a greenhouse gas and that the theory is wrong.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

No, I'm not a vegan

Militant vegans, we've all met one, demand meat eaters stop eating meat, but all their alternatives are... expensive and yuck.

I've always heard the argument that it takes 30 pounds of corn to make 5 pounds of chicken, meant to mean that fake chicken should be 1/6th the price of meat, but I've never seen that theory proven out in any store I've ever gone to. Everywhere I look, vegan meat has always been more expensive.

My point in saying this is that militant vegans (those that demand others convert) would be better served working on a vegan meat that tastes good and is cheaper. In a recession like this, they've squandered 7 years where they could have converted millions on the basis of price alone.

1/6th the price would be nice, but even 10% less would convert millions.

Now that I've cast some stones, let me say I think I found it from a farm that specializes in survival food.

Basically, my understanding is it's a farm that cooks big batches of their own food in their own kitchen and then freezedries it and cans it, all under their roof.

They sell through Walmart.com a 25yr can of fake beef and chicken that is one year shelf stable after opening and works out to a dollar a pound and tastes reasonably well.

If they skipped the freezing, drying and canning, and just put it in a 5 pound tubes for local supermarkets, my math suggests they could turn a profit as low as 50 cents a pound.

Augason Farms Emergency Food Beef Vegetarian Meat Substitute, 37 oz