Monday, August 13, 2012

Stupid oral sex study

Ok, look, this is why you can NEVER trust scientists.

The following link takes you to the 'news' about a 'science' report claiming that there is a cure to morning sickness, and that's that the pregnant woman should perform oral sex on her partner, and swollow.

The 'Scientists' claim that this inoculates her to the new DNA and helps prevent the inflammation reaction to the foreign body (the baby). This is complete idiocy!

First, the 'science'.

Sperm is NOT genetically identical to the baby; at best, it's 50% of the baby's DNA. So, the 'inoculation' concept is imbecilic, and the 'scientists' involved should be fired and stripped of their degrees for gross incompetence.

Second, you can't inoculate someone through digestion and stomach acids. Inoculations never work this way. Not ever.

So, this brings us back to how such a study is ever DONE, and worse, how could anyone with a degree come up with such nonsense. SOMEONE had to Pay for this waste of time, and it undoubtedly was taxpayer funded. N.O.W. would Never fund such a thing. So, my guess is, if it wasn't funded by the Government, it was funded by a bigger pervert, like PentHouse.

So, it's obvious that like ALL studies, they started with an outcome, or conclusion, and constructed the study around it. They wanted pregnant women to do X, then they worked backwards from there to justify it.

The problem is, this IS TYPICAL.

Science has become big business. If you can afford to fund the study, a room full of 'scientists' will find a way support your desired outcomes. 95% of all global warming studies are funded by organizations like Green Peace, that want excuses to close powerplants. Governments want an excuse to implement carbon taxes, so the studies they pay for always find a way to justify it, one way or another.

The 'science' isn't always as flimsy and obviously wrong as this oral sex study, but it is ALWAYS just as distorted. Having Government pay for the studies does NOT insure the independence of the outcome. It wouldn't surprise me if Anthony Weiner got a dog-ear to fund this one.

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