Sunday, December 9, 2012

Google stole half my phone!

I love my Google phone.

It's saved me over $200 this last year and a half, my internet connection through is better than dialup, and it's packed with features that I'm now addicted to.

That said, I'm gonna gripe about it now too.

I use an LG Optima S(Sprint) with a 4 gig SD card and for my provider. You would think that 4-gigs would be plenty of space to load a ton of apps. You would be wrong. I've got only a handful of apps loaded and it stays bogged down with only 10% of free (on the phone) space since I got it.

Most apps seem to demand that they stay on the phone and can't be moved to the SD card, which kinda makes having an SD card pointless. To add insult to injury the most demanding of these Phone-Only apps come from Google itself. It's YouTube app eats 4 phone megs. But it's chump change compared to the Google's Store. That started out as 400k when you uninstall it back down to factory settings, but as soon as you want to download an app, all of a sudden thrifty little Google store turns into Google play and eats 15megs, right off the top, and refuses to move to the SD card. But even that is small potatoes compared to Google maps that goes from 4megs at factory to 26megs after it updates to the latest version.

Google is the biggest memory hog in my Google phone, and you would think they would be much better about it. They now how precious and limited phone ram is, and they Hog the Hell out of it!

I rolled back all my Google builtin apps and my phone still works just fine, the maps get me where I need to go, my factory YouTube works just fine, and now I've got 70 extra megs freed up for other fun apps.

But it's a shame to have to do that. It's a shame that Google maps and Google play don't play well with the SD card. It's a shame that Google doesn't see this as a horrible problem that is literally sucking all the fun and productivity out of an otherwise fantastic product.

It's a shame Google keeps getting in Google's own way.

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