Thursday, September 12, 2013

Comedy Gold

Some things change, others stay the same.

Last week while nothing was on I found myself watching Barney Miller reruns where they were trying to be topical and current and injected the show with politics... of the late 70s. As was the rage of the day, they were talking about Global COOLING and the seemingly unstoppable return of the world back into another Ice Age. Detrick went on with one of his monologs about the relentless advances made by icecaps every year.

It seems laughable today, in a world with Al Gore, but back in the 70s they took this seriously. Billions were spent trying desperately to fend off the coming Global COOLING apocalypse. Thirty or forty years from now, An Inconvenient Truth will likely be remembered as a comedy, not a documentary.

Today's episode of Barney Miller was about hyperinflation, bailing out the banks, the worthlessness of paper money, and hording gold.


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