Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mung bean report

Mung Bean report:

Ok, so, I like sprouting things. My favorites to date remains lentils and wheat. Wheat has a nice 'snack approved' taste and is full of fiber and such. And Walmart will send you a 26 pound bucket of wheat (with a 30 year shelf life) for about $15. That's about as cheap as it gets, and the sprouts are almost sweet. Now, don't expect a sugary sweet, but they are the sweetest sprout I've found thus far.

Lentils are packed with flavor and can be bought all day long for about a dollar a pound, making them very affordable too. Sprouted, lentils actually pack more flavor then they do as seeds.

And sprouting takes just a few minutes a day, about a gallon of water a day, and some form of plastic containers (think Tupperware). It couldn't be easier, and a tablespoon of seeds easily makes a cup of sprouts.

But my mung bean experiment is a bust.

Yes, they sprout faster than anything else, but they are 4-8 times as expensive as other seeds, so to be worth it they would have to be scrumptious. And they were just OK. Actually, I like the taste of lentils much better. Mung bean sprouts simply didn't add anything to my meals. Cooked, they were much like flavorless noodles, which is what I'll probably end up using them for.


I had high expectations for mung beans, and had heard SOOO many good things about them. But in a way I'm very relieved. They were very expensive per pound and rather difficult to get.

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