Sunday, August 31, 2014

Squandered opportunity to crush ISIS

For a brief period since the creation of ISIS, we had a major opportunity to deal them a lethal blow and we squandered it like all the others.

The world was focused on thousands trapped on the top of a mountian, it was the kind of headlines ISIS couldn't buy...or afford to let slip by.

The mountain was in a very remote area, such that it could be reasonably assumed that any and everyone arround the mountain was ISIS and there for a legit target.

What should have happened is we should have cried about it on TV, pretending "women and children" were still stuck up there while secretly evacuating all the civilians and dropping in some vengeful marines to hold the high ground and bleed ISIS DRY.

Making it look like a ripe, media rich target, would draw them from every corner of Iraq, out of their urban hiding spots and into the open by the thousands... ripe for the slaughter.

But that's not how this WH Thinks. They want out of the middle east a thousand times more than they want a victory over AlQuida 2.0


This could have been a brilliant October surprise by the Democrats.



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