Friday, September 26, 2014

Bachelor bread

For the last few years I've been eating what I call bachelor bread, mainly because it goes from dry flour to toasted bread in under 20 minutes for a single serving size (ie bachelor) and it requires almost no measuring.

Key is a 16ounce water bottle kept in the fridge.

The night before, fill the bottle with water and a tea spoon of BAKING SODA (dirt cheap). If you use a regular spoon from the drawer, about a half (no mounding) is about right. When using regular baking soda, it is important to mix it with water the night before because most brands use large grains that require time to disolve completely.

Add as much or as little flour as you want to eat in a sitting, for me its about a half a cup, but this requires NO MEASURING. Just add the flour to a bowl.

Add a tablespoon of vinegar, apple cider is better but it doesn't really matter. If you use a lot of flour, add more vinegar, but again, amounts don't matter that much.

Stir it in until the vinegar is absorbed. This takes less than 10 seconds. 99 percent should be dry flour with just a few clumps.

Now, just stir in the baking soda water, adding a splash more until there are no dry spots remaining. DO NOT add so much that it gets watery. And DO NOT stir for more than 20-30 seconds or you'll have hard bread. You'll note that it gets foamy, this is desired for a fluffy bread. If you want pizza dough, leave out the vinegar.

Put it in the microwave for a minute or two, depending on the model. This cooks it just enough to be solid, almost like a slice of cake. Take it out of the bowl and finish it off in the toaster. For me. I hit the toast button three times for a perfect crust.


I add salt and oil to give it a pretzle taste, also put a dash of cayenne in for some added heat. Sprinkle on sessame seeds sometimes. For dog treats, dissolve in a bullion cube. Pour on some wet sugar for a doughnut substitute, its very versital and can be made fresh in under 20 minutes with a toaster and a microwave.

If you want a big batch for a larger family, you can skip the microwave and use a cookie tray and set the oven for 350, bake till done.

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