Friday, December 11, 2015

Safety idea

I watched a clip on how many people get killed every year trying to pass a tractor trailer, most of the time they tailgate it, then jump out into oncoming traffic blindly out of frustration or impatience. It's such a big problem (and opportunity) that some big time TV manufacturers are advocating 40" TVs be put on the back of trucks, wired to a camera in the cab so people stuck behind can see when its safe.

But there's an easier way. And much cheaper too.

Everyone that's ever seen a movie knows subs have periscopes, most kids have at one time or another used two mirrors and a cardboard box to 'spy' around a corner.

So the solution is rather simple, just build two more mirrors (one forward facing (wide angle dome style preferred), the other normal) into the driver side mirror, horizontal-periscope-style if that helps visualize it. That will let all drivers better see when its safe to pass anything too big to see around. It could easily be built as an after market clip on, likely for under $15.

Of course, since a lot of cars have backup cameras in them now, adding a second camera, forward facing and mounted on the driver's side mirror, would work just as well too.

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