Sunday, July 3, 2016

freedom pop review

In keeping with the Stephen King rule ('You can only call yourself a writer if you can pay at least one bill with your royalties') I have had to adjust my budget.

Gone is my expensive $25/month cellphone plan that worked beautifully, and in is my new plan $2.49/month.

This new plan is from FreedomPop and, as the price would suggest, it has a lot of wonk and glitchy built into the plan. The voice calls are over the internet which means they can be glitchy, have gaps, have lost parts, and 'static' when they don't work (think first gen Skype on dialup), but when they do work it's as good as the old plan.

The phone itself has locked up and rebooted twice in the last few months, a little unnerving but acceptable. This is kind of typical of Android phones, so, I'm not exactly worried yet.

And, though it says it offers texting, the texting is also not real texting but Internet texting, and not really dependable. This is not a big deal as I have switched back to emails instead.

The cons:
Texting and voice exists, but are not ready for prime time. The app that lets you use them has to be 'disabled' or blocked to keep the app from burning through a month's worth of data in the first 2 weeks. This means that you can send texts and make voice calls, but not receive them in practice.

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