Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Got to love good reviews, like this one.

4.0 out of 5 stars Good book with a few things I just didn't
like, June 27, 2012
J. Sallee
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This review is from: The Art of the Houdini Scientist and the
other soulless zombies who were never here... (Hummingbird
Series) (Kindle Edition)
I gave a 4 because I didn't like the ending. I would think that the
girls would have banded together and eliminate a few problem
boys. With all the skills at their disposal, why didn't the kids just
take over? If she's that uber smart, why didn't she find a way to
fix the tooth problem? They have cameras everywhere, but not in
the rooms to monitor what happens there? Little inconsistant
things that bother me. Kill off the XO , top of my list.
Read well. Characters interesting. Good flow.

Well, Sallee, good news if you wanted to see that :) you'll love Patent Mine.

Re: kill the XO.
Since he was alive in Patent Mine (written a year or more before Houdini) killing him off just wasn't an option :(

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