Monday, June 25, 2012

Hail break

Ok,here goes.

I'm taking a break from writing right now. My "last" book in the hummingbird series is "Waffen" which is German for weapon and was briefly mentioned in "Daughters"

No, I'm not blocked, it's going very well so far. I'm closing on 80k right now. Those writers out there know when you get past a point, the story takes over and youre just along for the ride. Well 80k is that point for me. I can feel it in my fingers.

But I'm taking a hail break as a twister-ish storm blows through and is flickering the lights, and laptop.

Yes, I use a laptop, but when the Sony batteries in this "we don't use Sony batteries" NEC daylite smoked, and yes, I mean smoked like a cigarette gets smoked, I pulled them and never put them back.

So, now it's just a PC that looks like a laptop.

Anyway, the Waffen book is rolling right along. I'm averaging over a K a day (that's big for me). And I've reached the point where the main chr comes back on screen... sort of.

Every time I kill off this poor girl, it makes me cry. Every book of hers I sware will be my last and that I can't keep doing this to the girl... and then another book comes to mind and she lives again.

It's the longest relationship I've ever been in. :)

Ps. I typed all this on my Google phone with Kingsofts app. Got to love the times we live in.

For those looking for Waffen hints here, here you go.

She wakes freezing cold in total darkness, her heart stopped, no breath, yet she feels herself blink. She pushes hard against her tiny prison, it cracks open, and she finds herself... on the back side of the moon :)

Pocket dialed from an annoyed anDroid :)

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