Monday, November 12, 2012


Republican should take a page from Obama and give out amnesty light.

Amnesty for the crime, (won't kick them out if they come forward) but not citizenship. Give everyone that turns themselves in, and passes a criminal check by being fingerprinted and DNA swabbed, a 20yr green card (revoked if they commit crimes) and, if they pay a $10,000 fine and follow the same rules everyone else must follow to become a citizen.

Back of the line, but in it IF they want to put in the same effort and time that everyone that comes from China and India has to invest to become a citizen here.

As a 20yr green card instead of citizenship, it should prevent them from collecting all the safety net perks that are bleeding budgets dry.

And it could be called amnesty because it does absolve them of the crime, but doesn't turn them into 20million Democrat voters overnight.

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