Monday, June 17, 2013

10million trespassers

Remember when immigration was 'fixed' in the 80's, you know, the last time the wizards of DC bought votes by passing out amnesty to millions.

Obviously they didn't fix the boarder, because ten times as many illegals are here now than before it was 'fixed'.

But never fear, Rubio has a plan to legalize them, collect a fine this time, and use that to build the fence that should have been built in the 80s.

I have a better plan, one that might actually work.

If a legal citizen got caught on public property after hours, the judge would call that trespassing and can fine them hundreds or thousands of dollars, community service, or any number of other punishments. But if you are caught trespassing from another country, no fines, just catch and release.

In the mix is the fix.

First time you're caught, $200 fine or you stay in jail.

Second time you're caught, it goes up to $500, $1,000, $5,000, then $10,000 and more, but we still don't deport (so long as they can keep paying the fines :)

All that's needed from the politicians is to pass a law allowing local law enforcement to make arrests and charge illegals with the local crime of trespassing (which it is). The federal fence building project would get 1/2 the fine money, while the state coffers would get the rest. This would encourage local law enforcement by giving them a financial benefit from enforcement, much the way speed traps fund entire police departments by writing tickets almost exclusively to out-of-state drivers.

This puts pressure on the illegal communities to leave (or start the process of becoming legal) by taking the financial benefits of staying out of the equation, while also adding a financial incentive to local communities to enforce it.

It's self funding, self deporting, and just the kind of encouragement some who want to be citizens might need to start jumping through the hoops needed to stay.

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