Friday, July 4, 2014

Paranoid me :)

If I wasn't wearing my tinfoil hat, I'd swear my new Kyocera smartphone was made by the NSA.

I've only been using it for a week now, and already I'm noticing phantom data usage well beyond what I was used to with my old LG phone. According to my AVG anti-virus app, my browser and email apps only used 8 megs of data, yet it tracked over 13.

I suspect some sort of spy agency, NSA specifically, though I wouldn't put it past the IRS either.

Or, it could be the Chinese.

Or... or even more sinister and pure evil... dare I even mention their- yes, yes I dare. Google.

Any what way, whoever it is, they'll be sadly disappointed with the web habits of this obscure author.

Ok, hat off, it's most likely a bunch of Google crap that's trying to update something or synchronize something or the likes. For most people that can afford unlimited data, this is no big deal and, at most, costs them a few seconds of delay on every page load. For me, I can only afford a tiny 200 meg/month plan, so for me this is kinda a big deal.

If it persists, I'll be putting my hacking hat on and start nuking drivers, deleting caches, and all those other things that generally risk ruin.

It promises to be fun.

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