Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The trouble with Lucy

The trouble with Lucy

I am SO TIRED of the old "you only use 10% of your brain" thing.

Yes, it's true... in an irrelevant way.

So there's a new movie where Lucy gets to use 100% of her brain, stop me if you're sure you've seen this before. Me too.

Anyway, the fastest man on earth doesn't even come close to using 100% of his heart. He doesn't even come close to 50%. Half of the heart is at rest at all times, that's how it was designed. If all of your heart was contracting at the same time, you call that a heart attack and you die. You can't use 100% of your muscles at the same time either. You can't use 100% of your lungs. An argument could be made about ears and eyes, but I'd argue against it too.

Wait, I know, you can actually use 100% of your muscles, and hundreds of people do... when they are electrocuted. And the usually break their own bones, rip tendons, and other horrible things.

And you can use 100% of your brain, people do that to... while having seizures.

A Pentium computer chip has billions of transistors on it. When windows reports that it is being used at 100% it doesn't mean every transistor is being used, it means that 0.0001% of the transistors are being used, and 100% of the clock/bus is being used, not all the transistors.

Human minds work along those same lines. You can't/don't ever want to see 100% of the neurons firing at the same time. 1% or so is the Mona Lisa, 100% is black paint covering the entire canvas.

Can you tell it pisses me off?

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