Sunday, September 11, 2016

held hostage...

Two hours ago, I was held hostage in my bathroom. For a while, I was sure I was never going to get out of it alive.

It still makes me shiver, just thinking about it.

It all started when... when...

When a big spider crawled into the doorway, blocking any hope of escape. I sprayed it with the nearest bottle of cleaner, and instead of retreating, it charged!

I quickly found myself standing on the toilet with an empty bottle of TileX, looking for anything else.

It  charge through a wall of shaving cream, forcing me to retreat to the tub, where I grabbed the extra-tears shampoo and let him have it.

It hid behind the toilet, where I knew it could only be setting up for an ambush.

And so the standoff remained for the next twenty minutes.

In my twenties, I killed bigger spiders with a napkin. Now, two decades and some change later, I find myself hiding in a bathtub... from a spider that died at least ten minutes ago.


Speaking of being held hostage by bugs, BrainDead has been holding me captive this season too :)

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