Sunday, October 2, 2016

How solar will crash the grid.

I love solar... for calculators, radios, and lots of other gadgets, it's perfect. But for the grid, it's suicidal.

There's a reason that articles like this peg the 'tipping point' of solar and wind at around 15%, and that's because 15% is almost exactly the 'rounding error' that grid managers use to keep the lights on.

The average device (TV, refrigerator, etc) is 110-120 volts, but it will tolerate and still function on as much as 130volts and as little as 105. That's where this 15% tipping point lies.

It idea that the 'grid' can 'buy' power from rooftop solar is a horrific myth. While technically true, due entirely to laws of man, it violates just about every law of physics known. A rooftop solar system simply does not produce enough power to go more than a block or two down the grid... and it is dangerously stupid of Grid managers to even let it.

What is actually happening is, like Trump, grid managers simply write off the panels as a loss and ignore it because it's nearly impossible (laws of physics) to make it useful.

However, when it gets over 15%, it becomes 'weaponized' green power, capable of destroying the grid and your neighbors' electronics.

Net metering was a horrible scam by politicians ignoring the laws of physics in order to pander to campaign contributors... par for the course with politics.  

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