Friday, November 11, 2016

My notes on the Trump victory

Love him or hate him, what Trump did on the 8th was historic. He arguably broke a bigger glass ceiling than Hillary ever could... one most of us didn't even know was there.

First, he defeated two dynasties in a single election cycle. He destroyed Jeb Bush - probably forever - on the national stage. And that ain't small potatoes, that's Huuuge. Even more impressively, he destroyed Jeb even though Jeb out spent him 100 to 1. On top of that, Jeb was the party's 'chosen one' (much as Hillary was) and Jeb was destroyed.


Jeb never got over 5%.

Destroyed. As in humiliated beyond recovery.

Trump then walked through a river of fire without getting burned alive.

The DNC literally wrote questions for reporters to ask during debates. Reporters literally printed articles written by Hillary staff on command, word for word. 95% of all reporters/editors that donated money, gave it to Hillary, and not one of them revealed it to their audience. 95%, and several were moderators. ALL of the mainstream media parent companies gave to Hillary. All of them. CNN, ABC, NBC, Google, FaceBook, Twitter, GE, FOX... all of them. Hillary broke a record for receiving money from hedgefunds and banks and corporations. Her super PACs out spent Trump 10 to 1. Hillary out spent Trump 2 to 1.

Out spent, entire networks aligned against him, with absolutely NO GROUND GAME at all, he still beat the Clinton dynasty.

He beat a Bush and a Clinton in the same election cycle and they BOTH out spent him. And by "out spent," I mean by a lot. Hillary by 2 to 1 and Bush 100 to 1. This could easily be the formula that removes money from politics forever.

This simply has never happened before. Ever. That means there IS a way to get elected to the highest office in the land without 'selling out'. It has just been done.

It just happened, and half of America missed it.

Add to that, that a very significant portion of the Republican elite were actively working against Trump, all very publicly, something that has never happened before on such a huge scale. Unprecedented.

Never in the history of the party of Lincoln has this many... Two Republican presidents and two failed candidates... All four voted against their party. That has never happened, ever... Not even Nixon had to overcome such a thing. Trump was literally betrayed by his own party... And he still won.

That is a glass ceiling that has never been broken ever before. And, like him or hate him, he just showed the world how it is done. And he did it without 'big money', massive super PACs, or a sea of dark money. In fact, he ran 1/4 the TV ads Hillary did.

It was not pretty, the first one to run through a glass ceiling is going to get cut up, badly, but he proved it can be done. And how to do it.

I'm talking to you, Gary Johnson, were you taking notes?

Prior to Trump, you could be the president only if the elites of a party 'allowed' it to happen. Today, that rule no longer applies.

Are you taking notes, Rand Paul?

Two dynasties, a fraction of the money, a tiny fraction of the TV ads, a tiny super PAC, almost all the media, banks, hedgefunds, and corporations aligned against him, with the elites of BOTH parties against him, with virtually no ground game at all, zero political experience, and to win and win this big is... it's paradigm shattering.



Were you taking notes Burnie Sanders? Because this is how it's done. This is what it looks like.

It ain't pretty. It's dog-fight ugly. It's like watching a honeybadger fight a pit of rattle snakes. It ain't for the faint hearted, and it was damned sure going to get real ugly real fast. But if you dropped a kitten in a pit of snakes, it would have had no chance at all. With a honeybadger... well, it can win, but it won't be pretty and you damn sure won't want to keep it inside like a pet when it's over.

But if you have a pit of rattle snakes that you need cleaned out, don't bet on a basket of kittens or another rattler, put your money on a honeybadger, it might just be able to pull it off.

I don't think there's many Trump supporters that thought they were voting to send a cute little kitten to Washington, a town infested with rattle snakes like no other. That's why all his hissing and snarling and random violent attacks didn't put them off of Trump. They saw him for the honeybadger he always was. They saw him as the honeybadger they wanted him to be.

Now, I don't know if Trump will 'drain the swamp' any, and frankly, nobody does. I don't know if Trump is a racist, a bigot, or a xenophobe, and EVERYONE that tells you that they know he is, is lying. Because without a lie detector or psychic abilities, it isn't possible to truly know what is in the heart of someone else. Everything we THINK we know is entirely speculation at best... Rumor at worst.

Let me deviate for a second:

I knew someone that told the filthiest racist jokes I've ever heard... and he was the ONLY ONE who stopped on the side of the road, in the rain, to help a black family whose car had broken down.

If you went only by what he said or what you heard him say, he was more racist than the Klan. But on that rainy day, he stood in the rain and tried to help a black family out, then gave them a ride to where they were going, about 5 miles out of his way.

He told another racist joke after he dropped them off. But does that make him a racist? I don't know his heart any better than I know Trump's, but I can tell you that the last man on earth I would have guessed would help a black family out was the man that told the most racist jokes I've ever heard. And to them, to that family, on that rainy day, that racist white man wasn't racist at all.

Should they have refused the help and refused the ride, if they had known? Would their life have been better if they had?

Do actions speak louder than words?

Assuming that Trump is as deplorable as people believe, does that mean he is irredeemably so?

I don't know for sure, I'm not psychic, but I'd be willing to bet that the same man that opened his first golf course to Jews (unspeakable at the time) is someone who is redeemable, whatever his sins.

There are entire black communities with their collective hoods up, in the rain, waiting for some good liberal to stop and give them a hand. They've been waiting for someone to stop or for the rain to let up... for decades.

They've been waiting for a very long time.

Trump is that coming car, his signal light is on, and it looks like he's slowing down.

He may even be able to help... If someone doesn't demand he show them an ACLU card first.

Trump got more of the Latino and black vote than Romney did. It sounds like he might be getting that chance to help.


I'm deeply bothered by the riots from the 'loveTrumpsHate' group. There has been millions of dollars in property damage already, and several fatalities. This is unacceptable.

It is unacceptable as a society and it is making Hillary supporters look... like spoiled bigots. Bigots against conservatives.

Republicans are supposed to be 'the home of racists', yet there were NO riots when Obama won. None either time.

It pains me to point this out.

It pains me, because the Democrat party IS better than this. They are not spoiled children, they know better than this.

In the movie Forest Gump, Forest is named after a founder of the KKK, a well known Democrat. 99.9% of all Klansmen ever to run or win office have run as Democrats. They didn't just call themselves democrats like David Duke does, the klansmen won in democrat primaries in landslides, often unopposed.

And the south, where I live, became much less racist as it became much less Democrat and more Republican. As republicans took over counties, fire hoses were reserved for fires, not flesh.

I like to reject that kind of insinuation, coincidences happen all the time.

The Democrats stopped running Klansmen for office within two years of the first legal abortion clinic opening in Harlem. Coincidence. Today, Half of all black babies are aborted in NY - for a profit - by one of the Democrat party's biggest donors.

Hillary's mentor was Grand cyclops Senator Byrd, the last openly Klan senator in congress. And Bill Clinton's mentor was Fulbright, another Klansman. Obama's reverend Wright was as anti-jew as they come. That makes all three as equally racist as Trump, and it makes Trump as equally redeemable as all three of them. And if it doesn't, it means you might be a bigger bigot than all of them.

I take Trump at his word that he is pro-life because 'black lives matter too'. I think this country would be better off if he gets his chance to prove it, not by his words, but through his actions.

I doubt it will be pretty, in fact, I can promise it will get messy, and you will get embarrassed at times. Trump is like a 3yr old that says whatever comes to mind. It's mostly honest, sometimes funny or embarrassing, and every now and then, it's humbling and profound.

Politicians like to be judged exclusively by their words, not their deeds. Trump is obviously not a politician, and even as president, nobody really expects him to be 'a politician'.

He's asking to be judged only by his deeds, he's asking us to... mostly... ignore his words. His voters have already agreed to that.

He is the first honeybadger to offer to go to Washington, and most of us know it promises not to be pretty to watch.

But maybe, just maybe, he can get the job done where no one else could. A $100 million contribution could make a normal politician sell their soul, the most it will get from Trump will be a thank you form letter.

Campaign contributions are the poison that turns politicians into snakes, and we're about to find out if they mean the same thing to Trump... A man that took a billion dollar loss and just 'walked it off' and made a few more.

I said it months ago, but it needs repeating.

The most qualified person running, by far, was Gary Johnson. He was easily the safest bet in the last 8 years. As a two term governor he had the same qualifications as Bill Clinton, Bush 43, and Ronald Reagan, the three strongest economies in recent time. That's about as good as it gets, if 'qualifications' are predictive of anything.

Hillary, as a reelected senator, "co-president", and secretary of state; her qualifications most closely matched Bush 41 (CIA head, VP, Senate, WWII), Ford, and Nixon, none of which make for something to brag about.

Trump was the biggest gamble.

But the electorate knew Johnson had no chance, Hillary at best would be another Nixon/Ford/WorstBush, so, they made the most rational choice on hand.

That left exactly what happened.

If you couldn't tell, I was in the Johnson camp, for the record. I also voted for Perot twice and would do so again, zero regrets.

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