Thursday, November 3, 2016

Anthony Weiner top 10 list

Top ten reasons Anthony Weiner checked into a sex-addiction clinic:

10: He found out that's where all the nymphomaniacs are.

9: They have free wifi and unlimited porn.

8: Their message therapy comes with complimentary happy endings.

7: It's the only place where he can talk dirty to everyone without getting in trouble.

6: It's around the corner from a whore house.

5: It's where all the fashionable politicians go just before their wife's best friend's election.

4: Someone texted him a picture of Vince Foster... By mistake.

3: He was told it was clothing optional and he was free to take as many selfies as he wanted... As long as he didn't post any of them.

2: John Podesta wrote him a blank check.

1: He always wanted to spend a week with Charlie Sheen :)

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