Friday, October 7, 2016

What does 'more qualified' really mean anyway? #Trump #Hillary

"Nobody is more qualified" than Hillary.


Obama had only been a senator for a few weeks, so clearly he was unqualified.

Bush43 had never been out of his state, so clearly less qualified.

Bill Clinton was just as unqualified as Bush 43.

But Bush 41 was far MORE qualified. CIA, VP for 8yrs, tons of public service. Decades worth.

Nixon too was far more qualified than Hillary, tons more public service and government experience.

Ford was also more qualified than Hillary.

Reagan was far less qualified as a mere actor and governor. Same with Carter.

So, Nixon, Ford, and Bush 41 are more qualified than Hillary, and can anyone say they were the best presidents? Thought not.

And the least qualified were a mixed bag, having both the best and worst presidents of all time.

So, is Hillary more Qualified than Trump?

Does it prove anything? Does being 'the most qualified" mean anything?

We are 20 trillion dollars in debt. Trump was once so poor, that EVERY bum on the street was one billion dollars richer than he was... and he turned that around with a vengeance and without a bailout!


Which qualification means the most to you?

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